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After-Hours Care Line

When you have an unscheduled healthcare concern, call us before you go.

Medical concerns can be confusing, especially after hours. A quick call to the After-Hours Care Line will give you options and save you valuable time and money. Our pool of registered nurses will provide the guidance you and your loved ones need.

How to use the After-Hours Care Line:

  • Call your Union Medical Group primary care provider and you will be connected with the After-Hours Care Line.
  • If you do not have a primary care provider, call 812.244.5057.
  • A Registered Nurse will evaluate your symptoms to determine your best option for care.
  • The nurse may recommend a variety of care options including home treatment, routine follow-up with a physician, next-day appointment, Convenient Care visit, or Emergency Room visit if appropriate.

The right care, at the right location, when you need it.

You'll receive health information from a registered nurse who will help guide you to the right level of care to meet your immediate need.

Knowing your list of current medications will be helpful.

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