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Cancer Care

The nationally Accredited Cancer Care program at Union Health brings together a team of oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, nurses, social workers, physical therapists, physicists, pharmacists, psychologists, dieticians, chaplains, and complementary medicine specialists to provide you with complete cancer care. 
We are focused on providing you with compassionate and sensitive care. We respect your dignity while maintaining an attitude of optimism and encouragement. 

Understanding your cancer diagnosis is the first step to deciding on a treatment plan. Working with a skilled team of healthcare professionals will help you feel more confident in the decision-making process.
  • Our integrated care team works diligently to provide the best possible treatment by:
  • Maintaining a nationally accredited and recognized program.
  • Providing sophisticated detection, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of cancer.
  • Providing a network of highly skilled physicians and health professionals.
  • Caring for your emotional and spiritual needs with additional resources including on-site clergy, nutritionist, counseling, support groups, massage, concierge, appearance center, resource center and a reflection garden.
  • Increasing public awareness of cancer and promoting programs to improve prevention, detection and treatment of cancer.
  • Conducting clinical research.


"The doctors and nurses were great. I would use Union again."


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