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Community Benefits

Community Benefit at Union Hospital

Union Hospital has been serving communities in west-central Indiana and east-central Illinois for the past 125 years. Union Health (system) serves 275,000 people in both urban and rural areas: Clay, Greene, Sullivan, Parke, Vermillion, and Vigo counties in Indiana along with Clark, Crawford, and Edgar counties in Illinois. This geography makes up our service area as it relates to community benefit. The majority of families in our service area fall significantly below the national and state median household income.

As the largest not-for-profit healthcare system located between St. Louis and Indianapolis, we are proud to be the safety net system for our community providing $22.5 million in Charity Care and an additional $27.9 million in inpatient bad debt for a total of $50.5 million in uncompensated care in 2016.

Our benefit to the community is far-reaching. Union Health is the largest employer in Vigo County employing 2,903 people with salaries and benefits totaling $195.6 million last year. In 2010 we opened the doors to our $145 million hospital addition, the single largest building project in Terre Haute's history. But our commitment to our community goes far beyond the walls of the hospital. Those same 2,903 employees are not just caring for our patients, they are caring for our community. In 2016 our employees gave over 2,378.50 hours of their time volunteering.

Community Benefit at Union Hospital Clinton

Union Hospital Clinton is a critical access hospital that serves mostly residents of rural Vermillion and Parke Counties in Indiana. With a combined population of 33,000, many residents in Vermillion and Parke County face challenges in accessing health care. Union Clinton helps ease that burden for people living in these rural counties. Union Hospital Clinton's service area falls within the broader service area of Union Hospital Terre Haute and consolidated (Union Hospital, Inc.) reports are released annually to the public regarding community benefit.

Community Benefit Report for 2021

Community Benefit Report for 2020

Community Benefit Report for 2019

Community Benefit Report for 2018

Community Benefit Report for 2017

Community Benefit Report for 2016

Community Benefit Report for 2015

Community Benefit Report for 2014


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