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Looking for a Good Orthopedic Surgeon? Ask These Questions

Looking for a Good Orthopedic Surgeon? Ask These Questions
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When your bones or joints hurt, you need to find the best orthopedic care for your condition. How do you find a good orthopedic surgeon? By asking the right questions.

Here are a few to get you started.

Who Do Others Trust?

When looking for a good orthopedic surgeon, talk to people whose opinion you trust. Ask loved ones, your primary care physician and other health experts who they would recommend.

The ultimate sign that a physician trusts an orthopedic surgeon is to refer you to that specific surgeon.

What Training Prepares an Orthopedic Surgeon?

All orthopedic surgeons receive rigorous training. Following medical school, they complete a five-year residency. During this period, surgeons provide medical care and perform surgery under the watchful eye of a more experienced orthopedic surgeon.

Following residency, some orthopedic surgeons continue their training. Based on their desires, this may include:

  • Board certification. Surgeons pass computer-based and oral testing on their medical knowledge. The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery also reviews outcomes of the candidate’s previous surgeries. Once the board-certification process begins, the surgeon has five years to complete certification.
  • Fellowship training. For at least one year, surgeons study a specific area of orthopedic interest. Options include sports medicine and pediatric care.

What Experience Does the Surgeon Have?

Many good orthopedic surgeons provide general orthopedic services. However, if you need specialized care for a complex issue, you may want to find the best orthopedic surgeon caring for patients with your condition.

When looking for a surgeon, ask the following questions:

  • How much experience do you have diagnosing and treating my specific condition?
  • What complications have your patients experienced with various treatment plans?

Your surgeon should give clear answers to both questions. If you don’t like the answers, consider looking for another surgeon.

How Does the Surgeon Treat Patients?

Whether you need a knee replacement, shoulder repair or other procedure, you should have a good rapport with your surgeon. After all, you’ll need to meet with your surgeon multiple times before and after surgery.

A good orthopedic surgeon makes you feel comfortable, explaining care in detail and expectations for you to have the best outcome. To find out how a prospective orthopedic surgeon treats patients, schedule a consultation.

During the meeting, consider whether the surgeon does the following:

  • Allows you to ask any questions you have
  • Answers your questions in a way you understand
  • Treats you with respect, as a valued member of the surgery team

Does the Surgeon Take My Insurance?

It can be expensive to pay out of pocket for orthopedic surgery. Insurance can potentially cover a large chunk of the cost, making your procedure more affordable. When you find a surgeon accepting new patients, make sure the surgeon accepts your insurance and is in network to maximize your benefit.

Looking for a good orthopedic surgeon? Union Health has you covered. Find a surgeon to get your bones and joints moving again today.

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